20+ Scientific Reasons Why “Mint Yoongi” Needs To Make A Comeback

The mint plant and green-haired “Mint Yoongi” have more in common than you might expect.

BTS‘s Suga looks fantastic with any hair color, but if there’s one hue fans have fallen in love with, it’s mint green. Suga hasn’t had mint green hair since BTS’s “Run” era in 2015, but here are 20+ scientific reasons why it deserves a comeback.


1. The mint plant has become world famous for its unique and wonderful qualities…


2. …and so has Suga.


3. Mint comes in over 30 varieties…


4. …and there are at least that many sides to this talented rapper!


5. Mint smells good. We suspect Suga does too.


6. Mint is a natural ingredient used to make candy canes…


7. …which is everyone’s favorite Christmas sweet. Right?


8. Mint leaves have serrated edges but are soft to the touch.


9. You could even say that they look savage, but are actually very sweet…


10. …just like a certain someone we all love.


11. Mint is a rich source of vitamins A, C, B2…


12. …and Agust D.


13. Mint can be enjoyed year round…


14. …because it never loses its charm.


15. It can also be paired with many different flavors.


16. “Mint” and “Min” are pretty similar. Coincidence? We think not.


17. Mint has strong antibacterial properties that can improve your complexion. 


18. You know what else improves your complexion? A smile.


19. You know who makes us smile?


20. Suga!


21. It’s science, and you can’t argue with science.


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