10+ Times Suga Was So Soft For BTS He Nearly Became A Marshmallow

He loves his members, in his own way.

BTS‘s Suga doesn’t usually show his love through sappy displays of affection, but make no mistake. This stoic-faced rapper is just as soft for his lovable members as ARMYs are. In fact, when it comes to BTS, Suga might low-key be the softest and squishiest marshmallow of us all!


1. When he sent Jungkook and V heartfelt text messages

During 2018’s Festa, V revealed that Suga once sent him a text saying that he loves him…

…and Jungkook got one too!


2. When he told Jimin “I love you”

Suga rarely speaks his heart this directly, so when Jimin heard these words, he just couldn’t handle it!


3. When he let J-Hope hold his hand…


4. …and Jungkook play with his hair


5. When he helped Jin play guitar, in an unconventional way


6. When he became emotional while reminiscing about BTS’s trainee days, and shared this group hug backstage


7. When he gifted fans with this SOPE jam session


8. When this back hug from Jimin made him smile


9. When he hugged V on stage


10. Every time the maknae line drove him crazy…


11. …but he actually loved every second of it!