Just 30 Photos Of BTS’s Suga Looking Savage In Silver

It brings out the swag in his eyes.

From his hair, to his clothes, to his accessories, nobody makes silver look more savage than Suga does!


1. This glittery outfit screams “star power”.


2. It shimmers under the stage lights…


3. …but it doesn’t shine half as bright as the rapper who’s wearing it!


4. Suga’s sparkling bomber jacket and silver jewelry help him bring his classic swag to the stage!


5. Silver hair? Yes, please!


6. Fans will never forget this iconic dye job.


7. This silver hair gave Suga a cool, anime-quality that transformed him into a real-life bishi!


8. Attitude level? Agust D.


9. This silver, black, and red combo made hearts flutter. Hard.


10. Silver’s killer, obviously, but have you seen 50 Shades of Suga?


11. He looks just as swag-tastic in street-wear as he does in suits!


12. “Another trophy, my hands carry ’em…”


13. “…too many that I can’t even count ’em!”


14. On Suga, this classic grandpa sweater is totally stylish, thanks to his handsome visuals…


15. …and killer confidence!


16. Get ready for that mic drop, ARMY!


17. Suga stans will never forget this silky, silver shirt…


18. …because Suga looked just too freakin’ good in it!


19. Suga took over the stage in this star-spangled bomber jacket…


20. …one rap verse at a time…


21. …because nobody can drops bars like he can!


22. Scarlet and silver? That’s a dangerous combination on this dangerous man.


23. This checkered sweater clashed with Suga’s bluish-silver hair in the best possible way.


24. Fans love when Suga wears black suits with black hair, but he pulls off this high-contrast look just as effortlessly.


25. This gray sweater may be a little plain…


26. …but its modesty makes Suga’s special brand of sexiness stand out!


27. A silver choker?


28. It’s a big “YES” from ARMY!


29. In fact, fans would really love to see Suga bring this “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” look back!


30. And let’s not forget this beaded jacket either!