10 Times That BTS’s Suga Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

Not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s a sweetheart too!

All of the members of BTS have their own individual and loveable traits. Though they’re often discussed as a unit because of their group’s success, each of them is also unique, talented, and endearing in their own ways! Suga, though often seen as a quieter, more reserved member of BTS, isn’t excluded from this, and has so many qualities about him that make him easy to fall for. Here are 10 reasons that prove that Suga is total boyfriend material!

1. He’s said to be a great cook, and he would undoubtedly spoil you with his skills.

2. You could go on so many fun, unique, and enriching adventures together!

3. He would love to write songs about the person that means the most to him.

4. He would undoubtedly have so much great media to recommend for you to experience together!

5. When he dresses in more casual streetwear, he truly looks like the laid-back but handsome boyfriend of a lot of people’s dreams.

6. You would be blessed by seeing his adorable gummy smile regularly.

7. ARMYs know that Suga loves his naps… So it would be great to nap together with him!

8. He looks so unbelievably handsome and mature in a suit.

9. His love and passion for music and his work is so attractive.

10. Everything about this video screams domestic husband boyfriend vibes.