10 Times BTS Threw Each Other Under The Bus Without Any Hesitation

Betrayals, shade, and a whole lot of sass!

BTS‘s members love each other, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be underhanded! Here are 10 epic times BTS threw each other under the bus.

1. When Jin threw shade at the “God of Destruction” to convince an injured Jungkook to stay seated

“You think RM will just hit you on the shoulder?” Jin said. “He will kick you right in the wound.” 

2. When Suga blamed Jin for BTS having to leave their fan sign

“We would like to stay a little more with you guys,” Suga said. “but Jin needs to leave urgently.” 

Urgently, as in he needs to use the bathroom. Jin’s reaction was priceless!

3. When V suddenly accused Jungkook of being the culprit

While playing the Mafia Game, seemed like he was coming to Jungkook’s defense, then he changed his mind!

4. When J-Hope outed Jin as a momma’s boy

Who looked for their mom the most? J-Hope says Jin!

5. When Jimin ratted Jin out for slacking

6. That time Suga’s dastardly plan completely bombed

7. When Suga called Jin a “crybaby”

8. When RM called Jin and J-Hope cowards on national television

“They’re the most cowards of our group,” he said.

9. When RM tried to volunteer J-Hope to go down a slide twice

J-Hope wasn’t going down without a fight!

10. When Jin’s plot against Jimin backfired

When V had the chance to pass off a penalty, he chose to give it to Jin…

..because Jin had tried to get V to sacrifice Jimin!