BTS’s TinyTAN Releases New “Dynamite” Summer Merch—Here’s What You Can Buy

They have everything you need for a fun day in the sun!

Your summer is about to get a whole lot cooler (and cuter)! BTS‘s adorable cartoon counterparts, TinyTAN, have released a new collection of summer merchandise inspired by the group’s song “Dynamite.”

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Here are 10+ items you can buy…

1. Shirt

This T-shirt is perfect for the hot weather as it’s loose-fit with a minimalistic design of “Rock and Roll.”  It is also white so that it won’t absorb heat. It comes with a pouch with the TinyTAN characters on it for a total of $57 USD.

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2. Shorts

Of course, you’ll need to pair your new shirt with a pair of shorts! These shorts contain a waistband, allowing for easy adjustment, and a meshy inner lining that provides a light and cool texture, making it an excellent choice for the summer wardrobe.


Not to mention a fun pattern of items inspired by both summertime and “Dynamite,” such as an ice cream truck, sunglasses, palm trees, etc. They cost $67 USD.

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3. Tote bag and pouch

The essential accessory to any summertime outfit is a large tote! This ivory bag can actually be used as either a tote or shoulder bag as it contains long and short straps. It also comes with a detachable pouch inside! This set costs $48 USD.

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4. Towel pouch

If you don’t want to get a set but rather just purchase a pouch, this is the item for you! The unique thing about this item is its two-in-one design. While you can carry it around like a normal pouch as it contains straps for carrying, it is actually a 100% cotton towel when you unroll and unwrap it.

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So, you can take it when you travel and use it as you would any towel. However, like a regular pouch, it also contains compartments inside to insert and separate items, making it the perfect item for traveling! This innovative product costs just $19 USD.

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5. Cooler bag

We all need a product to keep things cool during the summer, especially our snacks! This waterproof cooler bag is large enough to contain enough food for both yourself and your friends and will keep them fresh even during a long day at the beach. Plus, the design is super cute! It costs $17 USD.

| @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

6. Picnic mat

You can’t go to the beach without a picnic mat! This mat contains a dynamic “Dynamite” pattern and is a comfortable size for you and your company at 150cm x 100cm.

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It also comes with a pouch for easy storage. The total cost, including the two items, is $21 USD.

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7. Opener

It’s important to stay hydrated while out on a hot summer’s day, so it’s essential to have a drink opener on hand just in case. The TinyTAN openers are sold individually with seven designs to choose from based on members. They are made from soft silicone material while also containing magnetic. They cost $11 USD each.

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8. Glass

If you’re looking for something to pour your drink into, there are also TinyTAN “Dynamite” glasses to consider! Coming in sets of two, one for you and a friend, they are made from PC material, so they are shatterproof if the party gets a little wild. They are 600ml cups and cost $21 USD for the set.

| @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

9. Coaster

This multipurpose tool serves as both a coaster/saucer for your drink as well as a lid! You can use it with both hot or cold drinks (though you’ll likely want a cold drink right now). They are sold for $10 USD each.

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10. Muddler

If you need a tool to mix your drink, TinyTAN have got you covered! There are muddlers available, the perfect tool to stir drinks as they are 21cm long. They are sold individually, one of each BTS member, for $10 USD.

| @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

11. Reusable tumbler

If you need to take the party to go, there are reusable tumblers with a fun “Dynamite” design. Suitable for both hot or icy drinks, they are 360ml tumblers. Coming in sets of four, they cost $16 USD.

| @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

12. Puzzle

Need something to pass the time this summer? This 108 piece jigsaw puzzle is a great option! Not only will you have a cute picture when completing it, but it comes with a collectible tin case, all for $12 USD.

| @TinyTANofficial/Twitter

13. Mousepad

Mousepads are available in seven designs, each of one of the BTS members. They are not only practical but can add cute decor to your room! They cost $7 USD each.

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These items are now available for pre-order in the Weverse Shop.

Source: Image and Weverse Shop