The Top 10 Chaotic Lessons We Learned From BTS’s “DALBANG School”

Welcome to Insanity 101.

In Episodes 112 and 113 of Run BTS!BTS‘s SugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook attended Teacher Jin‘s classes at “DALBANG School”. Here are 10 of their most chaotic “lessons”!

1. Your teacher’s patience is the only thing lower than your grades

Jin had his hands full with this unruly class. He let them get away with questioning his qualifications, cheating on tests, and interrupting his lectures…

…but he had zero patience for distracting noises. Tap your pencil out in the hall, please!

2. Group work is the best thing ever

The limbo game was a total disaster, but BTS worked together to earn points and avoid injuries.

Well, most injuries.

3. Group work is the worst thing ever

Team Bear’s Suga and V are complete opposites. Their teamwork, if it can be called that, was a hilarious mess right from the start…

…and it only got worse!

4. Everybody is a snitch

Jimin found out that loyalty means nothing at DALBANG School. His whole class snitched on him for using his phone.

Selfies? In class? Teacher Jin wasn’t having that!

5. Cheating never pays off…

When Jungkook tried to cheat off the class “genius” RM, it backfired.

RM had the wrong answer!

6. …except when it does

V broke the rules of the “don’t move” game many times, but he was able to get second, third, and fourth chances by charming Jin.

7. “A” is for “effort”, “F” is for “failure”

Each student had their best and worst subjects at DALBANG School. Team V (RM and J-Hope) “died” in music class…

…but they survived P.E!

8. Beware the teacher’s pets

When Suga, Jimin, and V lost the “don’t move” game, they became Jin’s assistants. They were determined to catch everyone who so much as blinked!

9. Bring earplugs

There was very little music happening in Jin’s music class. The noise from the screeching instruments was so loud that some students couldn’t handle it!

10. With friends like these, school will never be boring

Who wouldn’t want to go graduate with BTS?