4 Times BTS Toyed With Fans’ Hearts At Fansigns

ARMYs had a touching response when V asked if he should get plastic surgery.

BTS love ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) dearly, and they are quite playful with them at fansigns! Here are 4 times BTS toyed with fans’ hearts at fansigns.

1. V asking ARMYs to “understand” if they gained weight

ARMYs are BTS’s biggest supporters, and their love for the members was on display when V asked them to”understand” if they gained weight!


After V asked this, the ARMYs in attendance “screamed” and told him that they would love them no matter how much weight they gained. After V heard this, he couldn’t help but smile.

V then asked if he should “come back plump,” and ARMYs told him that his weight didn’t matter to them.

2. J-Hope talking about his hair 

J-Hope once felt “embarrassed” about his hair, and ARMYs responded in a heartwarming way!

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope shared that his hair looked like a “mushroom.”

After hearing this, ARMYs showered J-Hope with love and said that his hair was cute.

J-Hope then shared that he was surprised when he saw his hair and that he was “embarrassed” because of it.

ARMYs once again showered J-Hope with love, and J-Hope appreciated this greatly!

Not only did ARMYs tell J-Hope that his hair looked great, but V and Jimin did as well!

3. V asking if he should get plastic surgery

V’s left eye has a double eyelid, and his right eye is a monolid. V once asked ARMYs if he should get double eyelid surgery on his right eye, and they had a quick response!

After V asked the question, ARMYs quickly told him that he shouldn’t get plastic surgery and that his eyes already look perfect!

4. Jin’s “extravagant” fanservice

BTS can give some great fanservice, and Jin once gave some “extravagant” fanservice.

BTS’s Jin

Some fansites called Jin, and he decided to pose for them!

Jin did a mix of serious and humorful poses!

After Jin did this, RM asked him if he wasn’t “embarrassed,” and Jin told RM that he was “working hard.”