BTS’s Tweets From Their 2013 Debut Are Making Us Emotional…Again

Relieve BTS’s debut day through their very first tweets.

BTS‘s 6th anniversary is here! To celebrate, here’s a look back at some of  BTS’s earliest tweets. ARMY, try not to cry (too much).


1. Finally!! Our music video has been released!!! @-@ Aye Like it!!!


2. Hello, I’m Suga, what are you saying? That the music and the video have been released?


3. I’m RapMon, even though this is the title song, I recommend that girls and Facebook users click ‘like’. I’m trembling so my legs are shaking.


4. Have you heard “I Like It??” I’m so happy that we made our debut..v


5. Hehe our fans gave us this! Other members are taking pictures right now, but I’ll upload mine first. Thank you! I’ve never gotten anything like this before. Cool cool.


6. Eungkyakya thanks a loooooot~~~~~ sobs sobs


7. Really Thank you for coming to our showcase today. Really… The best, the best.. it was fun V


8. I’m Jungkook. Thanks a lot to all the fans who came to our showcase today. It was really fun~ it’s thanks to all the fans heu it’s finally the time for our debut for real… heuheu I hope you all had a great time heuheu


9. At last! Eungkyakya


10. I’m Jin, we got 1st in the real-time search, it’s all thanks to our fans, I’m really happy jinjinjin~


11. First broadcast finished!! Eungkyakya


12. M!Countdown end! Fans, you’ll come tomorrow too, right? Tomorrow we’re going to have a mini fanmeeting so come early, let’s see tomorrow V bye bye you all~


13. We finished our showcase. To show you a more spectacular stage, I went straight to the practice room. Please support us a lot.


14. It’s RapMon. MuBank attack!!! $₩@G


15. Today we had lots of fun~ go back carefully, let’s see tomorrow v bye bye you all~ V