10 Cutest Interactions Between TWICE and BTS Members

Wait, Jungkook once told Sana she was her ideal type?!

1. Jeongyeon’s Adorable Fan Chant to “Spring Day”

When BTS introduced their song “Spring Day”, TWICE was beside them clapping along, and Jeongyeon made a little fan chant for the song.


2. Jungkook Cheering On Nayeon

Nayeon and Jungkook were on the same team at the Idol Athletic Sports Competition and Nayeon was in the semi-finals for the Wrestling competition.


When Nayeon beat Apink’s Hayoung, Jungkook couldn’t have been happier! So cute~


3. BTS Turning Up to TWICE While On Vacation

When BTS was in Norway, they got lit while dancing to “Cheer Up”.


Who knew “Cheer Up” could be a song used for partying?


4. BTS and TWICE Re-Interpret Each Others Songs

Backstage at the 2016 KBS Song Festival, BTS and TWICE introduced the songs the other would be performing. Sana and Tzuyu sang a little sample of “Blood Sweat & Tears” while Chaeyoung sang “Fire” as BTS would be performing those songs that day.


Jin and Jimin did a cute version of “TT” while all the members did the classic “Shy Shy Shy” move from “Cheer Up”.


You can see the full adorable backstage interview here.


5. Jungkook Covers “Like OOH-AHH”

The golden maknae can certainly do anything, including pulling off the choreography for “Like Ooh-Ahh”.


6. Jungkook Claims Sana Is His Ideal Type

Who could forget when Jungkook and Sana were guest MC’s on Music Core? 


Although it was scripted, one of the cutest moments was when Jungkook told Sana she was his ideal type.

Minjae: Sana, what’s your blood type? 
Jungkook: I think I know! My ideal type! 


7. Nayeon Sings “Fire” In Her Sleep

Nayeon revealed on a radio show that she sings in her sleep, and the song usually reflects how she feels.


Right before their comeback, she was very sick and had a high fever.

In her sleep, she ended up singing “Fire” in her sleep!


8. RM Makes TWICE Laugh

Back when members of TWICE and BTS guested on Star King, the camera caught RM chatting with the girls.


The TWICE girls were spotted laughing to whatever RM was saying, showing off their warm relationship.


9. Jin Can’t Handle Twice’s Aegyo

During a backstage interview with TWICE and BTS, TWICE showed off their “Knock Knock” aegyo.

Check out V joining in at the back.


Jin just couldn’t hold in his giggle after their display of cuteness!


10. Jeongyeon Got Overwhelmed by BTS’s Swag

Back when Jeongyeon was one of the hosts of Inkigayo, BTS was getting wild backstage before their performance.


They introduced GOT7’s “Hard Carry” with so much swag that Jeongyeon couldn’t handle it!