BTS and TWICE’s Producer Reveals Her 4 Best Tips For Songwriting And Producing

Use these tips to level up your own songwriting and producing skills!

Singer-songwriter and producer Candace Sosa has worked on many beloved K-Pop songs, and she revealed her best tips for aspiring musicians who want to work with their favorite artists, too!

Candace Sosa | @candace_sosa

Candace has worked with BTS on lots of songs, including “Euphoria,” “Magic Shop,” “Love Maze,” “I’m Fine,” “Mikrokosmos,” “Moon,” and “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.” She also worked with TWICE on “Depend on You” from their Eyes wide open album.

BTS’s Jungkook performing “Euphoria” | @_BTS_713/Twitter

In a video posted to K-Pop producer AZODi‘s YouTube channel, Candace Sosa revealed her 4 tips for beginner musicians.

Here are Candace Sosa’s tips for aspiring songwriters and producers!

1. Listen to your favorite songs

This tip is pretty easy! After all, who doesn’t like listening to their favorite songs?

“Every time I listened, I tried to notice something that I hadn’t before.” | AZODi/YouTube

Candace Sosa recommends trying to notice something different every time you listen to your favorite songs and to “really pick apart the track.” Listen for little details, like risers and instruments moving between the left and right speakers. Also, listen for larger details, like differences between guitar parts in each verse.

2. Try to recreate your favorite songs

After you’ve jammed to your favorite songs, it’s time to try to recreate them!

“Use some technique you heard from the record.” | AZODi/YouTube

While you most likely won’t be able to perfectly recreate the song, Candace Sosa believes it’s worth trying anyway. She says you’ll probably come up with something in the realm of the original song. Even if your creation sounds nothing like the original, you’ll learn how to use some of the techniques you heard in the original record.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

Candace Sosa says it’s not a big deal if your first 12 to 100 tracks aren’t good, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!

“It doesn’t matter as long as you keep doing it and stay persistent.” | AZODi/YouTube

Staying persistent and making consistent progress is more important than creating the perfect song, especially while you’re still in the beginner phase.

4. Don’t try to be better than anyone else

Instead of trying to be better than other songwriters and producers, try to be better than you were the day before.

“I’m never gonna be them, and they’re never gonna be me.” | AZODi/YouTube

Candace Sosa admitted she struggled with comparing herself to other musicians when she first moved to Los Angeles. However, she soon realized she had something unique to offer that the other musicians didn’t, and they had things to offer that she didn’t have to offer, too. While you should listen to other musicians and let their work inspire you, realize that you’re only competing with yourself.

See Candace’s full interview below.