Who’s The Fastest Now? Here’s How BTS’s Typing Speeds Have Changed

Here are their latest typing speeds.

At a fan sign, BTS‘s Jungkook was asked to rank his members’ texting/typing speeds from fastest to slowest. Here’s how his past ranking compares to BTS’s latest typing speeds from Run BTS!

1. RM

According to Jungkook, RM was the fastest typist in BTS…and he still is! BTS’s leader scored a total of 14,343 points, putting him in first place for Run BTS!‘s typing challenge.

2. J-Hope

Jungkook ranked J-Hope as the second-fastest typist, but on Run BTS!, second place went to…

Jin! He scored 13,288 points in total.

3. Jin

Jin went from third place on Jungkook’s list to #2 in the Run BTS! ranking.

Jimin, on the other hand, made a big leap to this spot on Run BTS! He racked up a total of 10,688 points.

4. V

According to Jungkook, V fell right in the middle of BTS’s slowest-to-fastest typist ranking. Years later, he’s still holding onto the #4 spot! On Run BTS!, V scored 9,915 points.

5. Suga

Suga was unable to attend filming for Run BTS! due to shoulder surgery, but Jungkook ranked him as the fifth-fastest or third-slowest typist in the group.

On Run BTS!, J-Hope scored this spot (second-slowest out of six members) with his 7,473 points.

6. Jimin

Jungkook chose Jimin as the second-slowest typist, but he surprised everyone by jumping up to third place!

7. Jungkook

Nobody knows Jungkook better than Jungkook! He chose himself as the slowest typist, and that hasn’t changed.

Perhaps, he would have moved up the rankings if he hadn’t had to type on this gigantic keyboard! Jungkook earned 4,555 points, which is still impressive, considering.