Jungkook Revealed Which BTS Members Type The Fastest And Slowest

Who is the best texter of them all?

Pop quiz! When it comes to using a computer keyboard and/or texting on a phone, which BTS member are you? At a fan sign, Jungkook was asked to rank his members’ typing speeds from fastest to slowest. Here’s what he wrote.

1. RM

According to Jungkook, RM is the fastest typist in BTS. That’s a good thing because this verbose intellectual has lots to say!

2. J-Hope

The second-fastest typist is J-Hope. His digits can dance as skillfully as the rest of his body does!

3. Jin

Coming in at #3 is Jin with his double-jointed fingers. Twice the joints, twice the speed?

4. V

is right in the middle of the ranking. Not too fast, not too slow.

5. Suga

What’s the rush? Suga will get his message typed at his own pace.

6. Jimin

The second-slowest typist in BTS is Jimin. Slow and steady wins the race? Maybe?

7. Jungkook

Jungkook chose himself as the slowest typist. Could this be why he doesn’t post on Twitter and Weverse quite as often as his speedier members do? Who knows!

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