Here Are 10+ Moments From BTS’s Speech At 76th United Nations General Assembly That Have Made ARMY So Proud

BTS continued to use their words to inspire people!

BTS always show just how much they can impact the world. Whether through their music or dedication to making a difference, they are role models! The group recently attended the 76th UN General Assembly when they delivered messages of comfort and hope to young people while talking about stories from their fans that impacted them.

BTS at the UN General Assembly | @UN_News_Center/ Twitter

Fans worldwide tuned it to hear the members speak to at the event for the third time about topics including COVID-19, climate change, and much more. As expected, all members showcased just how aware they are of everything going on in the world, and ARMYs couldn’t have been prouder.

Here is a look at 10+ moments from the speech, which showcase just how proud ARMYs are of BTS!

1. As always, BTS knows it’s either go big or go home!

2. There is no denying that BTS is purely exceptional, and nobody can say otherwise.

3. Each year, BTS manages to share a message of hope for fans worldwide.

4. In just one picture, BTS continues to make history!

5. Everyone is a fan of BTS, and world leaders are no exception.

6. BTS always takes ARMYs with them wherever they go!

7. If anyone says K-Pop doesn’t teach you anything, BTS has just proved them wrong.

8. BTS uses their words to become a source of comfort for fans.

9. As expected, BTS continues to represent Korea on a global stage!

10. Have your favorite artists performed in the UN General Assembly hall? Ours have!

11. Everybody can’t help but stop what they’re doing to watch BTS perform, even BTS!