10+ Unreleased BTS Songs And Demos Every ARMY Should Hear

How many of these have you heard?

BTS has released tons of great music over the years, but their unreleased songs are awesome, too!

BTS | @bts.bighhitofficial/Instagram

Here are 10+ unreleased BTS tracks and demos you need to hear!

1. Jungkook’s “Annyeong” demo

Jungkook shared this snippet on Twitter back in 2016, and we’ve been praying for a full version ever since!

2. V’s version of “Spring Day”

V’s version of “Spring Day” is very different from the version we all know and love, but it’s great too! We’d love to hear more of this unreleased version of “Spring Day” someday.

3. “Eternally”

RM shared a snippet of this unreleased track on Twitter. Was it meant for one of his solo projects? For an OT7 song? We need to know!

4. “Wings” demo

RM let ARMY into his songwriting process a bit by sharing this demo of “Wings.” When you listen, you’ll hear that the theme of the lyrics is pretty much the same as the released version, but the instrumental track has changed immensely!

5. Jimin’s “Kajjafeeluv”

Jimin came up with this melody when the group was working on “Fake Love.” He let Jin and Jungkook listen to the melody while filming Bon Voyage 3, and we’ve been hoping for a full version of the track ever since!

6. RM’s “Fake Love” demo

This version of “Fake Love” has a more hip-hop vibe than the released version, but it still puts us right in our feels!

7. Rap line’s “Boy with Luv” demo

RM shared a bit of the “Boy with Luv” demo during a live stream. Although the clip was short, it gave fans a chance to hear how he, Suga, and J-Hope developed their verses!

8. “Boy in Luv” demo

The “Boy in Luv” demo is definitely a banger!

9. Jungkook’s “Decalcomania”

Jungkook said he deleted all the files for this beautiful unreleased track, but we’re holding out hope that he recreates them someday!

10. “Sea” demo

RM’s demo for “Sea” is just as gorgeous and moving as the released version! If you listen, you can hear that the synth sound that weaves through the song changed but the melody the synth plays stayed the same.

11. RM’s “Serendipity” demo

RM’s demo for Jimin’s “Serendipity” is great! Listening to the demo will show you that the song was already gorgeous, but Jimin added his own flair to flesh it out and make it a masterpiece.

12. Jungkook’s “Dis-ease” bridge

Jungkook’s “Dis-ease” bridge is great! We absolutely love the bridge Jimin wrote that’s included in the song’s final version, but this alternative version is awesome, too.