There Are Currently 55+ Idols That Choose BTS’s V As Their Role Model

We’ve highlighted just 8 of the many celebrity V stans.

BTS‘s V is well-known throughout the industry and even worldwide. He has often been praised for his beauty as well as his stage presence, voice, and dance expression. Many idols and celebrities have been caught listening to his content and talking about how much they admire him. He has often been dubbed the “idol of idols.”

Below is just a small selection of idols who idolize him!

1. Jaehyun and Jangjun (Golden Child)

Jaehyun and Jangjun have often praised V in many instances. For Jangjun, V is the person he would love the opportunity to live with for one day. Jaehyun has admitted before that he saves pictures of V for outfit inspiration because he loves his style.

2. Yeosang and Mingi (ATEEZ)

Both Yeosang and Mingi have said in (separate) live broadcasts that they admire BTS’s V. They are especially moved by his dancing and his ability to gesture and express himself beautifully.

3. Haruto (TREASURE)

Not only was Haruto caught with V as his phone’s background, but he also sang V’s part in TREASURE’s “DNA” cover performance. It has been known since pre-debut that he is a true V fan.

4. Serim and Jungmo (CRAVITY)

Both Serim and Jungmo had stated before that V was their role model. However, Jungmo’s connection with V is special. Jungmo admitted that he dreamt of becoming an idol after watching his performances and even auditioned using a BTS song.

5. Holland

In a live broadcast, Holland mentioned that he would love to meet BTS and that he was especially a fan of both V and Jimin.

6. Chiwoo (KINGDOM)

Chiwoo was recently interviewed for his pre-debut. He expressed that his role models are BTS’s V and Jungkook and hopes he can have a great stage presence like them.

7. Beomgyu (TXT)

While all of the boys of TXT are fans of BTS, Beomgyu’s specific role model is V. He confessed that he constantly studied V’s stage presence in his trainee days because he wanted to emulate it.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

8. Wonjun (E’Last)

Wonjun recently revealed that he has been listening to V’s solo song “Scenery” a lot and even sang a little bit of it!

V’s personal army of celebrity fans just keeps growing!

| @hmzcw_k/Twitter

Though the above picture only has 55 idols, there are most likely countless more entranced by V’s talent.