BTS’s V Asked ARMY To Photoshop His Outfit, Here Are The Results

He put ARMY’s creativity to the test.

On March 10, BTS‘s V made ARMY’s day by going on a Weverse posting/commenting spree. In this post, he asked fans to use their creativity (and photo editing skills) to turn his outfit into something more interesting. Here are 10+ of the results!

1. The ultimate face swap

2. “Even if it feels stuffy, you have to wear [a mask].”

3. Return of the ARMY Bomb costume

4. The interrupted selfie

Twitter user: @taefia

5. Bartender V

Twitter user: @has1_hannah

6. “El Mariachi, El Mariachi…”

Twitter user: Angelic22597875

7. This Parasite cameo

Gotta get that WiFi!

Twitter user: @jminterclock

8. “Galactic Overlord”

Twitter user: @killermarshmelo

9. “Singularity” meets “Black Swan”

Twitter user: @inner_child_14

10. Dragons prefer hamburgers

Twitter user: @PoisonOrRemedy

11. ARMY’s #1 fan

12. Glitter angel V

Twitter user: @Abby_Lasha

13. The purple man

Twitter user: @inner7_child

14. Artist V

Weverse user: pasteljoons