10+ Times BTS’s V Wore Clothes That Cost Less Than $100 USD—And Made Them Look Expensive AF

#6 is below $10 USD!

BTS are no strangers to owning some of the most expensive clothing around. Luxury companies like Louis Vuitton personally invite them to fashion shows and dress them for award shows. For each performance, they wear pieces that many people can only dream of owning.

Sometimes, however, members like V wear items that even non-celebrities can afford. Check them out below!

1. In green

First up, V looked like the boy next door of our dreams in a green zipper sweatshirt from Korean brand WV Project.

Their “Baltimore Anorak Green” sweater costs ₩36,900 KRW (about $32.60 USD).

| WV Project

2. In the “Dionysus” dance practice

He looked fashionable even while in dance practice with his MTM unisex sweater. This attire costs ₩69,000 KRW (about $60.70 USD) when not on sale.


3. In bright yellow

Even in yellow, he’s as cute as can be! He donned the “PETIT Boucle Hoodie” from Slowacid which can be bought for ₩79,000 KRW (about $69.50 USD).

| Slowacid 

One word is all that is needed to describe him here—adorable.

4. In airport attire

V graced everyone in the airport with his presence when he wore Romantic Crown‘s “10th Good Life Sweatshirt.” The oatmeal colored top is sold for ₩58,000 KRW (about $51.10 USD).

5. In a “Van Gogh” Shirt

With folded up sleeves, he looked drop dead gorgeous in the ₩18,000 KRW (about $15.80 USD) TIAG “Van Gogh Lettering Shirt.”

The brand even thanked him on their Instagram account for his patronage.

6. In plain white

Speaking of shirts, the most classic one of all is V’s plain white t-shirt that can be purchased on Naver‘s shopping site. It retails for a budget-friendly ₩10,000 KRW (about $8.80 USD).

7. In plain green

The same shirt but in khaki can also be bought for those who prefer various colors. Though it is technically a shirt for men, women who have reviewed the product loved it as well.

8. In plain black

Of course, we can’t forget the most simple—but stunning—color on him. In an all-black outfit from the same brand, V was simply too gorgeous to be real.

9. In practice attire

In the “BLACK SWAN” dance practice video, he wore two articles of clothing from Menspanda that were also less expensive than expected. The first was the “Giant Overbox Tee” that retails for $20.17 while the second was the “Wide Cargo Balloon Pants” in green which is sold for $50.42 USD.

| Menspanda

10. In pajamas

In one Twitter update, he lounged around in DOSSY‘s pineapple printed pajama set. It is sold for ₩19,000 KRW (about $16.70 USD).

| @bts_twt/Twitter

11. In a cream sweatshirt

V donned CLOTTY‘s “Smile Wave Logo Sweatshirt” in the color oatmeal during a casual schedule. If you want to match with him, prepare to spend ₩62,100 KRW (about $54.70 USD).

12. In a winter coat

This sold out coat came from Red Homme, a total steal at ₩70,000 KRW (about $61.80 USD) considering just how stunning its model looked in it!

| Red Homme

Luxury or budget-friendly, V looks great in everything! Check out more affordable items that he uses below.

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