10 Fan-Taken Photos Of BTS’s V That Prove He’s Even More Gorgeous In Real Life

V is mind-blowingly handsome!

BTS‘s V is unbelievably gorgeous!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

V always looks great in professionally taken photos, but fan-taken photos really prove just how extraordinary his visuals are. Here are 10 fan photos of V that prove just how handsome he really is!

1. How is he real?

V definitely lives up to his CGV nickname!

2. Not a flaw in sight

He’s literally flawless!

3. His smile is so beautiful

V always looks happiest when he’s with ARMY!

4. He’s literally glowing

V is too handsome for us to even comprehend!

5. He’s an icon

Imagine looking this good!

6. He’s so adorable

Look at his little nose scrunch!

7. Thinking about this photo 24/7

Wavy-haired V will forever be iconic!

8. Cutest pout ever

This photo is just too cute!

9. “DNA” era V was truly something else

Too handsome for words!

10. You can literally see his love for ARMY in his eyes

He truly is happiest on stage!