10+ Times BTS’s V Served Swoonworthy Visuals In Glasses

Number 8 went viral among Japanese locals!

BTS‘s V is breathtakingly handsome!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

Although V is always handsome, he looks exceptionally good in glasses. Here are 10+ times V blew us away with his visuals in glasses!

1. This moment still wows ARMYs year after year

The “No More Dream” glasses flick never gets old!

2. This picture took our breath away

Blonde V will forever be iconic!

3. He looks so handsome in his glasses and sweater

Brb, gotta rewatch this live stream moment over and over again!

4. World’s most handsome blue-haired man

Shoutout to all the lucky ARMYs who saw this V in person!

5. In The SOOP V was perfection

Currently manifesting a third season!

6. When he looked extra dapper for his birthday

V is one snazzy dresser! His glasses made this sophisticated look seem even more dignified.

7. The time he served major ’90s heartthrob vibes in his glasses

Denim, glasses, and V’s visuals are a killer combo!

8. When he went viral as “the guy with glasses”

Locals were turned into fans as soon as they saw V’s visuals during this iconic “Stay Gold” performance!

9. Handsome dog dad

We love V’s look here, but Yeontan makes this picture truly memorable!

10. When he did his happy dance while wearing his glasses

V reached peak happiness during this live stream!

11. His bare-faced visuals are even better when he’s wearing glasses

He’s so naturally handsome!