BTS V Is Ready To Be A Dad And This Proves It

BTS V has an undeniable love for children and fans just know that he’ll make the best dad!

He’s drawn to babies as soon as they’re nearby. (Just look at that face!)

He loves to show affection by squeezing their chubby little cheeks.

He just can’t help but nibble on a baby’s adorable ears.

He loves to shower his little cousins with kisses!

And the way he plays with them shows that he’ll make the best playmate to his kids.

V needs to take selfies with any child that he sees.

In multiple poses…

Because just a few is not enough!

The only thing that may take away his attention from his fans is an adorable little baby.

What makes him even more excited is when that baby belongs to a devoted fan!

Just imagine him taking out his baby for a quick run in the park!

And fans know he wants a lot of children in the future!

His children will have him wrapped around his finger!

V will definitely be the best looking dad of all time!