BTS’s V, Jungkook, And Jimin Dominate M Countdown’s Solo Fancams—Here Are The 13 Fancams With The Most Views

Can you guess what #1 is?

Music program M Countdown is famous for posting solo fancams of idols on YouTube. Fans watch these fancams to have an unobstructed view of their favorite idols doing what they do best—performing on stage!

As of writing, here are the 13 most viewed solo fancams on M Countdown. Spoiler alert: top idols BTS‘s V, Jungkook, and Jimin dominate the list!

13. BTS’s V – Black Swan (2020)

V’s individual fancam for “Black Swan” garnered over 10.1 million views!

12. BTS’s Jimin – ON (2020)

Jimin’s “ON” performance was, to say the least, seriously impressive. It’s no wonder his fancam was watched over 11.3 million times.

11. BTS’s Jimin – DNA (2017)

“DNA” was a instant hit but so was Jimin’s fancam with 11.4 million views and counting!

10. BTS’s V – Airplane Pt.2 (2018)

V’s killer performance in “Airplane Pt. 2” has an impressive 11.7 million views.

9. BTS’s Jungkook – DNA (2017)

Jungkook quite clearly blew fans away with his “DNA” performance, which must be why his solo fancam was watched 12.4 million times!

8. BTS’s V – DNA (2017)

Like Jimin and Jungkook, fans are crazy for V’s “DNA” fancam. It currently boasts a view count of 13.2 million.

7. BTS’s Jungkook – ON (2020)

There’s a lot to love about BTS’s “ON” performance, including Jungkook’s incredible singing and dancing! Fans watched his fancam 13.8 million times.

6. BTS’s V – ON (2020)

V’s breathtaking “ON” fancam is impossible to watch just once, so that explains why it has 22 million views on YouTube.

5. Miss A’s Suzy – LOVE SONG (2015)

Not only is Suzy the only female idol in the Top 13, she’s also the only non-BTS member! Her “LOVE SONG” fancam was watched over 26.7 million times.

4. BTS’s Jungkook – FAKE LOVE (2018)

It’s hard to look away from Jungkook in his “FAKE LOVE” performance! With over 33.4 million views, fans seem to agree.

3. BTS’s Jungkook – Boy With Luv (2019)

Unsurprisingly, Jungkook’s performance was flawless in this fancam, and it reflects in the sheer number of times it was watched with 58.8 million views.

2. BTS’s Jimin – FAKE LOVE (2018)

Fans couldn’t get enough of Jimin’s mesmerizing “FAKE LOVE” fancam! It was watched over 105.3 million times, making it the second most watched individual fancam.

1. BTS’s V – Boy With Luv (2019)

Finally, the M Countdown solo fancam with the most views is V’s “Boy With Luv” performance! It has a whopping 133 million views and counting.