10 Times BTS’s V And Jungkook’s Synchronization Made Our Jaws Drop

Their synchronization never fails to amaze fans.

BTS‘s and Jungkook know each other so well that they seem to move and think as one person. Here are 10 times their synchronization blew fans away!

1. The “find Jungkook” challenge

V and Jungkook were so synchronized during an “I’m Fine” performance that Jungkook couldn’t be seen at all…

…until he crossed the stage.

2. Synchronized sexiness

When they nailed this move with the same energy it was too much for ARMY’s hearts. Somebody call a medic!

3. This next-level telepathy

Director Jungkook and actor V flawlessly matched their movements in this clip. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell who was taking cues from who.

4. Seeing double

When V and Jungkook looked at each other, they broke out in identical smiles. (Somebody please bottle this happiness and mail it to me ASAP.)

5. Walking as one

Dressed in matching styles, Jungkook and V walked toward the camera while matching each other step for step.

6. No words needed

Not only did they use the same gestures to describe something, they did it in sync!

7. The dance we’re still not over

From matching outfits to synchronized moves, everything about this moment is on point.

8. Two bodies, one mind

Even they don’t understand how it works.

9. Great minds thinking alike

When it comes to having fun, V and Jungkook are the perfect pair! They brought their silliest moves to this award show.

Meanwhile, Jin just wanted to see the stage.

10. Every one of these photos