7 Times BTS’s V Looked Hotter Than Summer In A Pair Of Casual Open Toe Sandals

#5 is seriously expensive.

BTS‘s V doesn’t always wear a pair of sandals, but when he does, he makes them look so good. And one reason why is because he knows fashionable ways to style them!

On that note, check out 7 outfits he wore with sandals below.

1. With A Plaid Shirt

First, he added a touch of boyish charm by wearing a black top and layering a plaid shirt over it.

2. With A Sweater

On a colder day, he wore a long-sleeved sweater with cool patterned sleeves. His sweatpants were equally as cool because of the unique frills at the bottom!

3. With A Button Up Top

Here, V looked mature in a multicolored button-up top, black beanie, and yellow sunglasses.

4. With A Straw Hat

For a casual day by the pool, V looked cute in a straw hat and floral shirt.

5. With A Neutral Outfit

Nothing screams “hot” more than a business casual outfit like this one—but with a twist! The neutral tones may be timeless, but these Gucci sandals worth around $595 USD made it more laidback.

6. With A Turtleneck

V looked every bit a modern-day prince in this white turtleneck and baggy pants.

7. With A Sweatshirt

Last but not the least, V elevated this simple outfit by adding a scarf by his waistline. He looked incredible!