BTS’s V Is Ending All Models, And Nobody Can Handle It  

Fans are falling in love with his new teaser photos.

BTS just dropped teasers for a MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E photobook, and fans couldn’t be more excited! Shortly after the first photo set, “Clue Version,” went public, “Kim Taehyung” (V‘s real name) and “Taehyung CF King” became trending topics. He’s ending all models with his ethereal visuals, and nobody can handle it!

1. Say, “Thank you, V!”

2. Dear HYBE…

3. ARMY will gladly cover the costs.

4. The question of the day

5. Close the gyms and open the galleries!

6. The “Vapocalypse” is coming.

7. This family emergency

8. Make. This. K-Drama. Happen!

9. So, the myths were true…

10. It’s time for an intervention!

11. Permission? Granted.