8 Meaningful Reactions To The Ninth Anniversary Of V Being Announced As A Member Of BTS

#4 is especially emotional.

Today marks the ninth anniversary of BTS‘s V being officially announced as a member of the group.

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In early 2011, V accompanied a friend to an audition with BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly Big Hit Entertainment.) He didn’t intend to audition himself, but he did when prompted by a BIGHIT MUSIC team member. He was the only person to pass the audition that day. This fateful moment led V to become the BTS member fans know and love today.

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Fans began to trend #BECAUSE OF TAEHYUNG on Twitter to share V and BTS’s impact on their lives in those nine years.

Here are eight meaningful reactions that celebrate V’s and BTS’s exponential growth over the years.

1. Celebrating how the secret member became a global sensation

2. Celebrating watching him grow up in front of the public while staying true to himself

3. What V has taught ARMY

4. Looking back on V in 2013

5. Celebrating the achievements of his solo singles

6. Remembering his meaningful quotes

7. Celebrating BTS’s global impact and V “collecting” world leaders

8. Celebrating nine years of OT7