10+ Most Relatable Reactions To BTS’s V “Flirting” With Olivia Rodrigo At The 2022 GRAMMYs

Brb, we’re still processing all this 👀

The 64th GRAMMY Awards were just held and BTS‘s V and Olivia Rodrigo had one of the most viral interactions of the night!

At the start of their “Butter” skit, V was seen leaning in close to talk to her.

Needless to say, ARMYs were freaking out over this interaction. Check out some of their most relatable reactions below!

1. First up, our hearts are still beating.

2. All eyes were glued to the screen.

3. It was an interaction we didn’t know we needed.

4. She’s the real winner!

5. It was almost too much for our hearts.

6. If we were in Olivia’s place, we would’ve been long gone.

7. We’d honestly love to hear a song about this.

8. Speaking of songs, here’s a reference to “Traitor”

9. It’s impossible to miss this scene.

10. We need to know what he said!

11. We’re still thinking about it.

12. Wow. Just wow.

13. Actor V is coming our way.

14. An artist being cool with another artist? We love to see it.

Check out what happened during their skit below.

All Eyes On Them: BTS’s V “Flirts” With American Singer Olivia Rodrigo At The GRAMMYs—Here’s What Happened