BTS V Is The Perfect Embodiment Of These 8 Disney Princes

V is absolutely enchanting.

BTS‘s V is known for his prince-like visuals and charisma. Add in his sweet yet courageous personality and insane talent, and he’s a real-life Disney prince. Here are 8 times V was the perfect embodiment of a Disney prince.

1. Prince Charming

Her love could hold up the world." — herondaletessa: Richard Madden as PRINCE  KIT in...
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Everyone knows that V’s charm has everyone falling in love.

And we can’t forget the iconic shoulder epaulets.

cinderella and prince charming Photo: Prince Charming | Disney princes, Disney  princesses and princes, Disney enchanted
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| @VNT951230/Twitter

2. Flynn Rider

The Punisher" Star Ben Barnes Eyes Flynn Rider Role in Disney's "Tangled"  Remake - Inside the Magic
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Flynn Rider and V steal away our hearts.

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There’s no one who can resist their smirks.

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3. Prince Naveen

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Just like Naveen, V’s voice and dance skills captivate everyone.

Whether they’re playing the ukulele or the lute (both of which belong to the same family), Naveen and V are so attractive that we can’t look away.

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4. Aladdin

The Essential List of Aladdin Quotes | Disney Quotes
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A glimpse is more seductive than being shirtless sometimes.

| @thv/Instagram

As the king of fashion, the flip of the colors makes V the perfect modern-day version of Aladdin.

5. Prince Eric

the little mermaid prince eric gif | WiffleGif
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Black hair and blue eyes are always a deadly combination, but it’s the small smile that sends fans over the edge.

A simple white V-neck top is all that’s needed to make their good looks pop.

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| @thv/Instagram

6. Prince Florian

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V is genuinely Prince Florian in real life with this outfit.

7. Prince Adam

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Who doesn’t love a man who can dance?

8. Prince Phillip

A prince can be soft and sweet …

Prince of a Man | janeaustenrunsmylife
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Or brave and fierce.

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