A Photo Tournament Was Held To Try And Choose The Best Photo Of BTS’s V…And Man Was That Difficult

Honestly every photo he takes is legendary.

We all know BTS V’s visuals are next-level and honestly, it’s hard to choose just one photo that captures all of his beauty.

An online community board played a V photo tournament where they went through 64 rounds to try and find the best photo of V taken by someone else. This tournament excluded photos that were selfies and concept photos.

Below are the photos that made it to round 16…

…and these are the photos that didn’t make it to round 8!

V during “Singularity”

“DNA” performance at the AMA

Photo he shared to fans while in the states

“Singularity” performance

Fourth Place

A happy V surrounded by ARMYs

Third Place

Legendary visuals from The Fact Awards

Second Place

Shining V at MBC‘s Gayo Daejejeon

First Place

V during a muster

Fans who saw the results for the tournament were confused because honestly, there isn’t a day where it isn’t legendary for V! Although this game was just for fun, this once again proved the power of V!