BTS’s V Has The Power To Give ARMYs A Heart Attack In Just Three Seconds

All hail the visual king!

We all know just how flawless BTS V’s visuals are, but have you experienced his transformation moments? Fans are going crazy over his sudden visual upgrade moments online!

From dark to light

With visuals like this, we wouldn’t be surprised how good looking he would be in the dark!

Mask on and off

Imagine being right there when he takes off his mask!


Now this is what you call a shimmer of hope!

Down and Up

The duality though!

Close ups

Far away or up close, it doesn’t matter if you’re V.

Dark to light Part 2

Imagine having a face that can still shine through in the darkness.


V is known for his legendary glasses to no glasses transformations…

Glasses Part 2

…this being one of them!


This one is too good to only watch once!

It’s no surprise that he’s been titled ‘The Most Handsome Man In The World’!

Source: theqoo and instiz