15+ Of The Funniest Reactions To BTS’s V Swimming Shirtless 

Spoiler alert: Nobody is okay.

BTS‘s wet and wild games continued in the latest episode of Run BTS!, and some ARMYs were not prepared for it. By “it” we mean swimming shirtless while Jin chills beside him, fully dressed and wearing a snazzy bow tie. Here are 15+ of the funniest reactions so far!

1. Your child is (not) fine

2. Time to exercise?

3. Current status:

4. They will recover…eventually

5. Welcome back to the 1800s, ladies and gentlemen

6. Calling into work like:

7. Google, please help

8. ARMY’s kryptonite

9. TATA’s got it covered

10. Just another day at work

11. Goodbye!

12. It’s all fun and games until it’s not

13. It’s not the worst way to go…

14. Skip school, get an education

15. What are they planning?

16. One does not “process”. One malfunctions, shuts down, and reboots, while desperately hoping that their motherboard isn’t fried.