Here’s 20+ Tweets Of BTS’s V Serving Us Visuals And Talent At The “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” Concert

How much V do you want? Yes.

BTS‘s V has become the icon for visuals and talent in the K-Pop industry, with many junior idols looking up to him as their role model. Day one of the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert proved once again just how much charisma and power one person can have on stage. Let’s take a look at some of these iconic moments from the first day.

1. Odd Eye V

V’s unique different color contacts will never grow old as he looks mesmerizing each and every time!

2. Master of visuals

3. The opening bridge with V is a moment we need to see again

4. Soft and sweet and yet so powerful

5. The Taehyung effect is real

6. “Boy in Luv” V is a whole era in itself

7. How can someone move so subtle and be so powerful?

8. Another “reason for death: V” moment

9. Can you say model?

10. His gaze though

11. “Butterfly” V’s visuals is on another level…

12. “Black Swan” V needs no words

13. Ascending to heaven with our angel V

14. Is he even real?

15. “Inner Child” V

16. We must protect our little bear at all costs

17. “Dynamite” V

18. Exposed foreheads is a thing for ARMYs

19. Who’s cutting the onions up in here

20. If you don’t cry watching this then we don’t know you

21. Who’s ready for day two?


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