Just 20 Tweets Appreciating BTS’s V While #WeLoveYouTaehyung Is Trending

He deserves all the love!

BTS and their individual members often trend on Twitter for a number of reasons, usually when something noteworthy occurs, or for certain events and anniversaries. Sometimes, however, fans get them trending for seemingly no reason at all, and that really goes to show just how powerful and widespread ARMYs are!

Today, the hashtag #WeLoveYouTaehyung is being trended in order for fans to express their love, affection, and appreciation for BTS’s V. Here are 20 tweets showing how much ARMYs care.

1. Fans have so much love for V.

2. And he loves them back!

3. There’s no doubt he’s always made fans proud of him.

4. How can you not be happy seeing his smile?

5. He means the world to so many people.

6. He really knows how to make fans feel special.

7. Sometimes he’s so generous it hurts.

8. He’s entertaining even when he isn’t trying!

9. He has influenced not only fans, but other artists as well.

10. He’s a wonderful son, too!

11. He really is a unique and special guy!

12. He works tirelessly to make people happy.

13. He’s always encouraging fans going through hard times, too.

14. And what a beautiful garden it would be!

15. How is he so pure and soft?

16. He makes the world more beautiful.

17. There’s so much love and support between ARMYs and V.

18. Just look at this cutie.

19. His beauty knows no limits.

20. We love you, V!


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