20+ Unique Headwear Items BTS V Pulled Off Perfectly

Average baseball cap to various animal-themed headbands.

V has experimented with a lot of different headwear items during his time as a member of BTS. From your average baseball cap to various animal-themed headbands, here are 20+ different headwear items V has tried and pulled off perfectly.

1. Ball Cap

2. Beanie

3. Sports headband

4. Beret

5. Giant ribbon headband

6. Love hearts headband

7. Tiger headband

8. Bunny headbands

9. Cat headbands

10. Mouse headband

11. Fish hat

12. Frog headband

13. Monkey headband

14. Bear Headband

15. Rudolph headband

16. Bat headband

17. Knife headband

18. Helmet

19. Too-small headband

20. Devil headband

21. Angel headband


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