10 Of The Most-Viewed BTS V Fancams (& What Made Them So Great)

The views on #1 are truly insane.

Can any ARMY resist BTS V‘s incredible fancams? Judging by their views on YouTube, definitely not! Here are 10 of V’s most-watched fancams of all time—along with what made them so rewatchable.

10. “Not Today”

The top starts with one of BTS’s earliest songs, “Not Today”, performed on M Countdown in 2017. The fancam currently has over 5.7 million views. V’s bandana looks have always been a favorite among fans; matched with his impressive dance skills and unmatched charisma, his look makes it impossible to stop re-watching.

9. “ON”

This “ON” fancam from Music Bank currently has 5.7 million views on YouTube. ARMYs have shown their love and appreciation towards V’s commitment to giving 100% on stage by watching this fancam again and again. As always, his vocals and dance skills are on point.

8. “IDOL”

V’s two-toned hair during “IDOL” promotions was definitely one of his most iconic K-Pop moments and one reason why this fancam is so addictive. No wonder the M Countdown performance has 5.9 million views on YouTube.

7. “Boy With Luv”

All of V’s “Boy With Luv” fancams are massively loved by fans and non-fans alike, which is why this list features plenty of them. This particular cam from M Countdown currently has 6.2 million views on YouTube. One special moment that fans couldn’t get enough of here was V unbuttoning his jacket. Plus, his cute actions and facial expressions received a lot of love too.

6. “DNA”

One of the most iconic things about “DNA”-era V is his gorgeous grey hair. This 4K fancam of V performing the song at the Pyeongchang Olympic G-100 Concert in Gwanghwamun currently has 6.3 million views on YouTube. V’s beautiful voice, on-point facial expressions, and sharp moves are the reason for fans’ screams and millions of views.

5. “GO GO”

This 2017 fancam of V performing “Go Go” on M Countdown makes it to the top five. The video currently has 6.4 million views on YouTube thanks to the adorable energy V emits throughout the whole performance. As always, his dancing and overall stage presence also received praise.

4. “Black Swan”

Next up is V performing “Black Swan” on M Countdown, a fancam which has 7.6 million views on YouTube. ARMYs have always praised V for his all-rounder skills, and this is one fancam that definitely proves he’s the ultimate package idol.

3. “DNA”

Rounding out the top three is V’s 2017 “DNA” fancam from M Countdown, which currently has 13 million views on Youtube. V’s expressions when dancing to DNA stole many fans’ hearts, and the comment section is full of ARMYs praising his stage presence and facial expressions.

2. “ON”

V’s 2020 “ON” fancam from M Countdown currently has 21.8 million on YouTube. Fans from all over the world enjoyed V’s skilled dancing in this fancam. What makes the fancam even better is the amount of energy he gives when performing “ON”.

1. “Boy With Luv”

And in first place is this “Boy With Luv” fancam from M Countdown. Not only is it V’s most-watched fancam, it’s also currently the most-viewed K-Pop fancam in history with 131.9 million views on YouTube. What fans loved the most about this fancam is the duality you see when you compare V’s baby face and cute demeanor with his deep voice.