13 Things Only BTS’s V Can Get Away With Doing

These questionable moments made fans love him more.

BTS‘s V is one of a kind. He’s done countless questionable, but hilarious, things over the years that have made ARMYs love him even more than they already do. Here are just 13 of those things only V can get away with!


1. Making this face…


2. …and these ones


3. Slapping his leader just because he wants a high five


4. Cheating his way through games…


5. …and dodging penalties


6. Dancing in stilettos like he invented them


7. Doing this to a girl’s hair


8. Sneezing on Jungkook…though he instantly regretted it.


9. Wearing this in public


10. Dancing in this in public


11. This.


12. And this.


13. And definitely this!