BTS V’s Yellow Suit From The 2021 GDAs Is Our New Favorite Meme

ARMYs are editing a photo of V’s new suit.

At the 2021 Golden Disc Awards (GDAs), BTS‘s performed “Dynamite” in a yellow suit that matches the song’s bright, disco aesthetic.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

On January 10th, V shared a mirror selfie of his suit on the Weverse app and ARMYs ran wild with it. Here are some of the best memes fans have created so far!

| V/Weverse

1. Would you like fries with that?

A fan upgraded McDonald’s “Tall, Blonde, and Gorgeous” ad for French fries.

| Princess Tobong/Facebook

2. Yellow V or Blonde Jungkook?

Why choose when you can have both?

3. “Vananas” are an excellent source of potassium

Add them to your diet today!

| Baby Mochi/Facebook

4. “The cholesterol-free food”

Warning: V’s visuals may cause heart attacks.

5. Sunflowers

More than one fan has envisioned V as their new favorite flower.

| Nicole Olano/Facebook
| Diana Alfathunisa/Facebook

6. Here comes the sun!

Together, J-Hope and V shine twice as bright.

7. Why so serious?

Joker memes are one of the most popular memes that V’s suit has inspired. Here he is as the Joaquin Phoenix version.

8. The Joker, 90s edition

A fan changed V’s suit to purple and added makeup. The result? Perfection.

9. The Mask

If you’re a 90s kid, chances are you’ll remember The Mask, starring Jim Carrey.

10. I’ll take one in every color.

Which suit is your favorite?

| kanitta_mo/Twitter