BTS V’s Latest Playlist: 14 Great Songs To Add To Your Own 

Here are all the songs from the latest episode of TaeTae FM 6.13.

BTS‘s recently hosted another episode of TaeTae FM 6.13, a live broadcast where he plays songs for ARMY. If you’re looking for new music, V’s playlist is the place to start!


1. Quinn XCII – “Stacy”


2. Forrest – “Lately”


3. John Coltrane – “My Favorite Things”


4. Austin P. McKenzie – “Crazy Beautiful”


5. Jim Morrison and The Doors – “Bird of Prey”


6. Nujabes – “Feather”


7. Nujabes (feat. Terry Callier) – “Ordinary Joe”


8. Lewis Capaldi – “Someone You Loved”


9. Nick Jonas – “Jealous”


10. Jeremy Zucker – “comethru”


11. BTS – “Euphoria”

V gave Jungkook‘s solo a whole new sound when he sang this short cover.


12. Lauv – “Never Not”


13. Frank Sinatra – “Fly Me To the Moon”


14. Johnny Stimson – “Flower”