BTS Vocal Line’s Moon Signs And What They Mean

Do you have the same moon sign as any of them?

While most of us know our sun signs and their traits, our moon signs play an important role in determining how we express our emotions and are a key part of our inner worlds. Our sun signs relate to how other people see us, like our personalities and our personal style. Our moon signs, however, are more closely linked to how we see ourselves. Our moon signs can also help predict how we’ll react in certain situations.

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Since moon signs play such an important role in determining how we see ourselves and interact with the world around us, it’s no wonder that astrology enthusiasts want to know the moon signs of everyone they’d like to understand a bit better, including their favorite celebrities!

Here are the moon signs of the members of BTS’s vocal line, as well as an explanation of what their moon signs mean!

1. Jin

Jin’s moon sign is Aries. People with this moon sign crave independence and have a true zest for life. They also like to know they’re totally in charge of their own lives and that they can do whatever they want, no matter how weird or quirky other people may think it is. Maybe Jin’s moon sign is the reason for his hilarious In the SOOP morning routine!

People with Aries moons tend to be very bold and fearless. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is often referred to as the “infant of the zodiac,” so people with this moon sign have a childlike innocence about them and love to play and joke around. No wonder Jin is sometimes called BTS’s fake maknae!

People with this moon sign are creative and passionate, and they need ways to express all of their creativity and passion. They’re known for their fiery spirit, and they’re much more sensitive than most people think. Although they’re in tune with their emotions, they like to process their feelings quickly so they can heal and move on. Maybe Jin’s emotional depth as an Aries moon is part of the reason his solo songs are so moving!

2. Jimin

Jimin’s moon sign is Gemini. People with this moon sign are easily adaptable, and they love challenging themselves by trying new things. Considering Jimin excels at a variety of things (including martial arts, singing, songwriting, and dancing), this moon sign totally fits him!

People with this moon sign deeply value communication. They love talking to other people, and they’re great conversationalists. They often move from person to person to make sure they talk to absolutely everyone. Their friendly nature makes them super popular, and this may be part of the reason why every talk show host seems to gravitate toward Jimin!

People with Gemini moons sometimes tend to worry and have a fear of being misunderstood, which is why they value communication so much. As their confidence grows, however, those worries disappear and they feel empowered to keep trying new things. Thankfully, Jimin is surrounded by people he can talk to and who remind him of just how incredible he is, so he can continue being the confident king he is!

3. V

V’s moon sign is Aries, just like Jin! Like Jin, V craves independence and lives his life to the fullest. People with Aries moons tend to be fearless, which may be why V was the only member to not flinch at all when BTS played the Flinch game on The Late Late Show!

People with Aries moons need a creative outlet they can use to express themselves and the emotions they’d rather not talk about. While V definitely gets the chance to express himself through music, he also expresses himself through his visual art projects and his fashion.

People with Aries moons have a childlike innocence about them, and they’re not afraid to let their cute sides show. While V is definitely a fierce performer on stage, his Taetae moments show he totally has the innocent side that Aries moons are known for!

4. Jungkook

Jungkook’s moon sign is Leo. Leo is a dramatic and creative sign, and people with this moon sign excel at self-expression. They are naturally spontaneous and exuberant, and they can’t help but catch people’s eyes. No wonder Jungkook has such explosive stage presence!

People with Leo moons have a deep sense of pride, and they always want to make sure they’re doing everything to the best of their abilities. They give everything their all, even if what they’re working so hard on seems trivial to others. Maybe Jungkook’s Leo moon is part of the reason he competes so fiercely on Run BTS! 

Although they’re exuberant and optimistic, people with Leo moons are also sensitive and impressionable. Other people’s opinions matter to them a lot, and they like hearing that they’re doing a good job, especially since they work so hard in everything they do. Thankfully, Jungkook is surrounded by people who recognize how hard he works and who remind him of how talented he is!