BTS, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, And More Listed On Forbes Korea’s 2030 Power Leaders

Make way for the young and powerful leaders in the entertainment industry!

Forbes Korea 2030 Power Leaders selected individuals aged 20 to 39 from 6 different sectors of the industry that had a massive impact on Korean society.

1. BTS

BTS has become worldwide favorites, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, performing at the American Music Awards and more.

“BTS has cemented themselves as a global K-Pop idol group and with their strong fandom, they will continue to have an extremely passionate response from them. With BTS’s efforts, other K-Pop artists can also head towards becoming global artists.” — Jung Deok Hyun, Pop culture critic

2. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel consistently tops male idol brand rankings and is one of the most sought after idols right now.

“Kang Daniel is an all-around rising star who has already proven he is extremely marketable. He is re-writing the history of the idol industry. He has a cute face, good body, and excellent rap skills and combines these innate traits with his effort and attitude to improve his singing and other skills.” — Hwang Nam Woong, Film critic

3. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri burst into the mainstream spotlight with her role in Park Chan Wook’s thriller The Handmaiden. Since then, she has starred in movies 1987 and Little Forest and will make her drama debut in Kim Eun Sook’s work Mr. Sunshine.

“At first, I was told I wouldn’t be picked to act since I was the youngest person at the theater. But I kept being persistent and one day, someone introduced me to Park Chan Wook. From when I entered university in 2008 to meeting Park Chan Wook in 2014, I spent 6 years where the only person who knew who I was, was myself.” — Kim Tae Ri

4. Yang Se Jong

With only a short yet impressive resume under his belt, Yang Se Jong has become one of the hottest actors of 2017.

“From acting as a multidimensional character in Duel to a more delicate role in Temperature of Love, Yang Se Jong has shown his acting skills in a variety of spectrums. Especially in Temperature of Love, where his acting turned him into a star.” — Jung Deok Hyun, Pop culture critic

Source: Forbes Korea