7 Vital Questions BTS’s “Save Me” Webtoon Has Finally Answered

“Save Me” finally answers some of ARMY’s most asked questions.

BTS‘s new webtoon Save Me just released its first few chapters, and it’s already blowing ARMYs’ minds with its intense and complex storyline. Here are 7 burning questions that Save Me has finally answered.


1. Is Jin a time traveler?

Yes! The time traveler Jin theory has now become canon. It is the main plot of Save Me. 


2. Who was V calling?

At the beginning of BTS’s “on stage: prologue” MV, a bloodied was seen making a phone call to one of his hyungs, but that call was never answered. Why? Fans now believe it’s because V called RM, not knowing RM was in jail.


3. Why was there a cute dog in “Stigma”?

In Save Me, a mysterious white animal approaches Jin as a spirit guide to send him on his time traveling journey.

There’s a good chance that this furry friend is the same one who approached V in the “Stigma” short film. The dog approached V to comfort him and bring him hope, just like Jin seeks to do in Save Me.


4. Who hit Jungkook?

In the “I NEED U” MV, Jungkook stepped out into traffic, but up until now it wasn’t clear if he was hit, or who hit him. Now we know that (spoiler alert) Jin accidentally hit and killed him…

…or did he? This is a question that could have multiple answers. Some fans believe that Jungkook fell from the ledge he was standing on in “Euphoria” MV and landed on Jin’s car. Both answers could be right, depending on the timeline.


5. Did Jungkook kill himself?

When Jungkook stepped out into traffic in BTS’s MVs, he didn’t attempt to avoid the car and accepted his fate. Some fans believe he may have been committing suicide. The same could be said of him standing on the ledge in “Euphoria”. His possible suicide may be connected to Suga‘s fate.


6. Did Suga survive the fire?

Sadly, no. Even though Jungkook dragged Suga to safety in “Euphoria”, Save Me revealed that Suga did not survive. Although the comic has not stated Suga’s cause of death yet, fans believe it was caused by the fire he set. If Jungkook blames himself for not being able to save Suga, that could be why Jungkook committed suicide.


7. Who is the man V killed?

When “I Need U” first dropped, fans weren’t sure if the man V killed was a relative, a friend, or his girlfriend’s abusive boyfriend. Subsequent videos and theories suggested the man was V’s father, and now it’s officially been confirmed.


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