16 Times BTS’s Weverse Translations Were Wilding

They didn’t mean to say that…did they?

BTS Weverse, BTS’s fan community app, has an automatic translation service for international fans. This is supposed to help BTS communicate with ARMY, but sometimes it really backfires. Here are 16 translations that made fans say, “he didn’t really mean that…did he?” 


1. Bedtime with V


2. Rumor has it…


3. Assassin ARMY


4. He probably meant “rooster”…


5. …but he definitely did NOT mean this!


6. That time Weverse changed Jimin’s opinion for him

Correct translation:

Weverse translation:


7. Low salt people


8. Confusing parents


9. This random medical information


10. Blind. Blinding? Everyone is.


11. Comment otoke clearing


12. A what kind of detox?


13. Weverse’s new synonym for “cute”


14. Current Status: Alive


15. Not that kind of brother


16. The residents need to know