10+ “BTS At The White House” Predictions That Are Too Good Not To Come True

Here’s what’s going down, according to ARMY.

BTS is at The White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, diversity, and more with President Joe Biden. Before the meeting and a press briefing, BTS took a tour of The White House. How did that go? ARMY has some ideas!

1. Wainscoting and light fixtures? Suga has found his new happy place.

2. Take notes!

3. From meme to reality

4. Don’t sweat it, Joe!

5. No one is immune to Jimin’s charms

6. Biden’s bias?

7. A surprise performance

8. The Purple House

9. Run BTS: White House Edition

10. RM’s next art post on Instagram

11. This unavoidable throwdown

Well, they wouldn’t be the only ones! These senators were ready to fight for an invite!

U.S. Senators Are Fighting Over Invitations To See BTS At The White House

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