BTS Are Ice Kings In 30+ New “2021 Winter Package” Photos 

BTS has released a new set of “Winter Package” photos.

Every year, BTS releases a new Winter Package that includes a DVD with behind the scenes footage, a photobook, and more. As a gift for fans, Big Hit Entertainment revealed 30+ “preview cuts” from BTS’s photoshoots. Check them out!

1. BTS

In one set of preview cuts, BTS wears long, stylish coats while posing in a rocky landscape.

In another, they have a six-on-one snowball fight with Jungkook

…and explore their personal winter wonderland.

2. RM

In this photo, RM looks mysterious and magical, as if he stepped right out of a K-Drama like Goblin.  

He also nails the soft and sweet look. Somebody get him a hot chocolate!

3. Jin

Imagine taking a stroll and stumbling upon Worldwide Handsome.

That will probably never happen, but hey, we can dream!

4. Suga

Suga slays this long coat and tall boots combo…

…but he also pulls off bright colors with mittens.

5. J-Hope

Who knew that a ray of sunshine could have such a cold prescence?

Shopping for Christmas trees with J-Hope? Yes, please!

6. Jimin

From winter prince…

…to squishy snow angel, Jimin’s duality has never been stronger!

7. V

In V’s solo shots, his gaze is icy enough to freeze ARMYs…

…but they know that cool exterior houses the warmest heart.

8. Jungkook

For this shoot, Jungkook brought fans’ hair edits to life with his stylish mullet.

Who wouldn’t want to hop through the snow with this bunny?

9. RM and V

Hats, mittens, and BFFs!

10. Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope

The 3Js are back and snugglier than ever!

11. Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook

These are the snow fairies we need to chase away the winter blues.

12. Jungkook and Jin

What K-Drama is this, and where can I watch it?

13. Suga, V, RM, and Jin

Cold weather isn’t nearly as bad when you’re having fun with friends.

14. Jimin, J-Hope, and V

Chic outfits? Check. Intimidating gazes? Check. Bias wrecking? Definitely check!

15. RM and Suga

Now here’s a photo that belongs on a movie poster. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll make their acting debuts!

16. Suga and J-Hope

SOPE for life!