BTS Reveals Their Wishes For The Future, And They Are Truly Heartwarming

Many of ARMYs wishes will be the same!

To celebrate the group’s anniversary, BTS recently held an ARMY Corner Store as part of their 2021 FESTA, where they had a look back on some memories from their career. During one of the segments, the group discussed some of their wishes.

Here is a look at what each BTS member put down on their wish lists for the future.

1. J-Hope

As expected, J-Hope’s first wish started strong with him explaining how the most important thing for him is, “That I want to be with you guys even as time passes.” However, his next hope was for all of his members to remain healthy with the current circumstances, and many ARMY probably have the same wish!

2. V

V had a much longer list than his other members, but it was equally touching and written very honestly. His first wishes were wanting to perform for a long time, being a decent human, live a long and happy life, and for everyone to stay healthy. However, one of his last wishes was the most honest as he explained that it was, “Becoming a dad who everyone admires.

3. Jungkook

In comparison, Jungkook focused on making one big wish. His dream was to perform with ARMY soon and have a good life and meet a beautiful end. Although RM thought it sounded like a gravestone inscription, it was the thought that counted.

4. RM

Being the amazing rapper he is, RM kept his wishes short and simple and even had his members trying to rap along with him. His desires were: end of COVID-19, re-starting concerts, going on a world tour, staying healthy, and being happy forever.

5. Jin

Eldest member Jin has made no secret in the past that he is someone who focuses more on the present than the past and future. Also, compared to the other members, his were more unique and the ones that most of us probably have. His first was to have his wishes granted when he shut his eyes, and secondly, the ability to transport to save time.

6. Suga

Like many of the members, Suga’s main wish was for COVID-19 to end and that the members can start performing again with ARMY and going on tours. He also had something that many people will relate to, the wish to hug each other without wearing masks. Suga had one final desire and, although it was written small, it was very important, and that was to win a Grammy. Don’t worry, Suga! It will happen!

7. Jimin

As the man whose dreams always come true, Jimin made sure that his wish counted. He wished for the time to quickly come where he could meet ARMY again and that everyone can stay healthy and happy while enjoying themselves.