Fans Are Scrambling To Get Their Hands On BTS X Chilsung Cider’s Limited Edition Posters

Did you get yours?

Recently, BTS was chosen as the models for Chilsung Cider’s new peach and tangerine flavor drinks. They released these new flavors to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Lotte Chilsung.

An online community recently posted scans of limited edition individual posters of BTS for Chilsung Cider that had fans scrambling to get their hands on. These posters were truly a collector’s item in that they were super close-up photos of each of the members beautiful faces.








While some fans wonder why the photos didn’t come out as bright, they revealed that because they were scans it wasn’t able to capture the full essence of the photo. An online user posted a clearer photo of how the posters looked like to share with other fans.

Fans were head over heels for the posters and tried their best to get their hands on these limited edition posters.

Fans have reported that it is quite hard to get their hands on these individual posters so if you got one, consider yourself lucky!