BTS’s Jimin Always Takes Care Of The Members When It Comes To Food

Jimin is a kind-hearted soul.

BTS fans are all aware by now just how much of a foodie Jimin is and how happy he is when talking about food. He believes eating is very important and is always worried about and taking care of the other members. Let’s take a look at some moments Jimin making sure the members are fed well.

He is always preparing and picking up food for the other members just in case they are hungry.

Here he is buying ramyun just in case the other members might not have eaten.

“It’s not okay to be hungry.”

He is genuinely worried that Suga and J-Hope won’t be able to eat

When he hears that J-Hope and Suga are not allowed to eat due to a game punishment, Jimin genuinely worries about his hyungs.

He tries to give them a bit of food and pleads to the staff to let them eat it.

He can’t bear to see having no food be a punishment

He asks if Jungkook is allowed to eat if he succeeds.

He loves to put food on other’s plates, especially if it’s something yummy!

Here you can see Jimin putting food on Suga’s spoon.

He is happy to see other members eating well

Here he asks Jungkook, “Did you not eat earlier?” as he sees him eating well.

He even takes care of the birds around him

Jimin is holding up snacks to feed the birds, showing just how caring he is to both the members and to animals.

He believes that people should not eat alone

“Isn’t it good eating it together? You’re supposed to eat food together. If you eat alone it’s too lonely.”

Jimin’s warm heart in making sure the members are well fed and healthy shows just how loving and caring he is for his brothers. This relationship between one another shows just how close and family-like they are rather than just members in a group.