BTS’s Jimin May Be Sexy On Stage, But He’s Actually Just The King Of ‘Aegyo’

Baby Mochi.

Although BTS‘s Jimin may be the king of sexiness and seduction, he is also quite the jokester with a lot more aegyo than one would think! Here are some adorable moments of Jimin just being the baby mochi that he is!

Aegyo is a must when presenting members with gifts!

He practices riding the lift on stage with his shoulders.

Here he is mimicking pressing buttons to get inside.

Letting fans know that this is not alcohol but juice!

His cute pout as he expresses how hungry he is.

Using his whole body to hide himself after watching a video of him from the past.

Getting ready for his pose.

Using aegyo to try and get a snack from Suga hyung!

Cheering up Jungkook who is really hungry.

How he acts when he sees someone taller than him.

Doing exercises while getting make-up done.

This is how he waits for his turn.

His happy fist pumps!

He takes one breath and it looks like he has a milk mustache.

He attempts to glare but the person next to him never sees.

One of his iconic dance memes.

He shows off aegyo even with a towel on his head.

Blocking Jungkook’s moves with his aegyo.

Aegyo even with a hairband.

Sniffs cutely in order to get food.

But, if you ask him directly do to aegyo…

…this is what you might end up with.

Of course there are times where he laughs at his own aegyo too.

He is a born-to-be aegyo king.

Lips baby, lips.