BTS’s Jin And Jimin Always Have Fun Together, And These 5 Moments Are Proof

They’re hilarious together!

BTS‘s Jin and Jimin are such a fun duo that even the Run BTS! editors can’t help but notice!

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, the editors captioned a clip of Jin and Jimin hanging out with each other with “Jin and Jimin always have fun together.” 

Here are 5 moments where Jin and Jimin showed us just how much fun they have when they’re together!

1. When they were too busy laughing at each other’s jokes to eat dinner

Every time Jin and Jimin do a live stream together, it’s full of laughter!

The two once met up in Jimin’s room for steak while on tour, and they focused more on making each other laugh than they did on finishing their meals.

2. When they teamed up for a sexy dance

Besties who dance together remain BFFs for life!

During the Wings preview show, Jin and Jimin did a hilarious sexy dance together, and it’s still one of ARMY’s favorite Jinmin friendship moments years later.

3. When Jimin transformed into a video game villain while Jin played Mario Kart

These two are great at thinking outside the box!

While Jin played Mario Kart by driving a remote-controlled car, Jimin got in on all the video game fun by becoming part of the game! He pretended to be the game’s final boss to make the game more exciting for Jin.

4. When they did push-ups together and couldn’t stop laughing

Even when they’re working out, these two can’t stop laughing!

Jin and Jimin showed off their strength and their friendship while filming a Bangtan Bomb called “Jin and Jimin’s Push-up Time 2.” Although their ability to do lots of push-ups at once was impressive, ARMY was most impressed by their strong bond!

5. When they gave each other piggyback rides

While walking to the house BTS rented while filming a road-trip themed episode of Run BTS!, both Jimin and Jin worried about each other getting tired.

They gave each other piggybacks along the way to give each other a break from walking. Their piggybacks made the walk more fun for them and gave ARMYs an adorable moment to play over and over again!