BTS’s Jin Rejects All Marriage Proposals Because He’s Married To ARMY

Jin loves ARMYs.

BTS‘s Jin is known for being all about ARMYs and no one else! No matter how many times people may ask him to marry him, he will always place ARMYs first. Let’s take a look at his true love for ARMYs below!

On Weverse, a fan commented, “The cushion you are holding is not a cushion but my heart!”

Jin responds right back, giving the poster a sense of reality. “It’s a cushion.”

On a previous live stream, he received numerous comments asking to marry them.

He stops those messages right away too. “Ok. No more nonsense please.”

When a fan asked, “How much will it cost to marry Seokjin?”

Jin wrote down “300억” which is roughly $~24,885,132.00 USD, making it really hard to marry him.

You can see he even rejects a proposal from a fan in the crowd during a concert too.

He always keeps his boundaries straight when it comes to marriage proposals and questions about getting married.

Now, let’s take a look at how head-over-heels he is for ARMYs!

“ARMYing~ (this means ARMY i love you).”

“I love you too ARMY heart heart.”

“When will I ever receive this much love ever again. I will always pray for ARMYs happiness. Please always stay healthy our ARMY. I love you.”

“ARMY i love you.”

“ARMY be happy.”

You can see just how genuine and pure his love for ARMYs can be!

And ARMYs will never leave his side and protect our worldwide handsome Jin at all costs!


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